Looking For The Best PCB Assembly Partner? Check These Guidelines

There are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration when thinking about which PCB assembly partner to go with. You could easily go with the hundreds of PCB assembly partner options that exist across the world, but there are only a handful few that can actually meet the standards that you have set, and so it is important for you to actually look into the matter further before you make a final decision of which one to choose.

We understand how difficult it is to select the right PCB assembly partner, which is why we at pcbnet.com have listed down some of the important things that you have to consider when looking for the right PCB assembly partner.

• Competency.

PCB FabricationOf course, experts with the right credentials are more trustworthy when it comes performing jobs related to the assembly of PCB. Once the project is underway, a good assembler must know everything that they have to do in order to get the job done without having to consult with you all the time. We usually recommend assemblers that have received certifications such as those that come from the ISO.

• Equipment.

Is the assembler even ready to accept jobs, equipment-wise? Check how accurate they are in determining how long it would take for them to get a job done with the use of the materials that they have in hand. We already remind people that an assembler can only deliver a product based on the materials that they have, and the quality and accuracy of their work will depend on the material which had been available to them at the time that the project was made.

• Lead Speed.

Printed circuit boardAn important factor in considering one as a PCB assembly partner is the lead time. Just as projects can have variations, so can deadlines. Therefore, you should do your research and try and find out which assemblers are most accommodating when it comes to delivering your order as soon as possible. In addition to this, you should also take note of when the turn time begins and ends. For a lot of assembly shops the turn time begins once they have received all the components they need, known as “Day One”.

• Location.

Is the assembler near or far from you? The proximity of their location to your is just as important. If you go with an assembler that happens to be located in a different country, you may get the best products, but the delivery might take months. On the other hand, you may find local services that provide overnight deliveries or faster delivery services.

• Minimum Order.

You will need a partner that will be able to work on a job regardless of how big or small it is. PCB projects can be very distinct in nature, and we always remind people that they will never know what they are going to work on next. Some PCB projects require the creation of just one board, while some would require a dozen or more. There are jobs that may seem too big for one company, but just enough for another. You will need a partner that is versatile enough to meet all of these variations, and someone who would be able to deliver with high quality all the time.

• Pricing.

Printed circuit boardsOf course, the cost of labor is something that we should always think about. The cost that you have to pay for the service you received from the assembler should match the quality and the burden of the job you have given them. Aside from these factors, the fact that you have either given all, some, or none of the components for the assembler to use also plays an important part in pricing.

• References.

Some assemblers have done such a great job over the years that they have gained loyal customers who are willing to talk them up to potential clients. If an assembler has gained fame for delivering quality service to their clients, you will know thanks to the passing of word of mouth. These references are almost never wrong, and if many people tell you that a company is good, is highly unlikely that they are wrong.

In sum, doing your research and being more observant with what each assembler offers is the key to determining who is best. We recommend keeping these guidelines in mind when you are looking for the right assembler for your PCB. Not only will you save yourself unnecessary costs from mistakes, but you will most likely get top quality products if you follow these guidelines.

PCB assembly get together is all around requested particularly by advanced gadget organizations, different machines and administrations.

Callaway Golf Kings of Distance

Team Callaway is considered like an elite team in the golf world. They are among the best golfers of all time and have created camaraderie and also competition with each other. Promoting titles within Callaway Golf, the company has created a new “best among the best” team – the Callaway Kings of Distance.

The Kings of Distance are selected by Callaway by calculating all hits its players make during their games. There are only four members selected as Kings of Distance and those four are currently: Pat Perez, Gary Woodland, Patrick Reed, and Sang-Moon Bae.

Here’s a more insightful run through for each of the Callaway’s Kings of Distance:

Pat Perez

Pat PerezPat Perez holds the record for the longest drive since Callaway Golf started the Kings of Distance” team with 382 yards covered in one hit. He started his professional golfing career in 1997 at the Web.com tour. After earning enough points, he tried for the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament and after passing continued his golfing for the PGA Tour. He played for eight years until he experienced his first highlight in his career in 2009 by winning at the Bob Hope Classic. He joined Team Callaway just this 2014.

Gary Woodland

Gary WoodlandGary Woodland lands second place as the hitter of the longest drive on Callaway’s record. Last year, however, he was able to set the record of the longest drive with a 450 yards drive. He started his golfing career as an amateur in college. After graduating, he started his professional career in 2007 for the Nationwide Tour. In 2008, he entered the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament and joined the PGA Tour in 2009. He had started having his highlight after winning his first PGA Tour title at the Transitions Championship. He signed up with Callaway Golf also in 2014.

Patrick Reed

Patrick ReedPatrick Reed – the Team Callaway member that hit the third longest drive during the last tour. He started his amateur golfing career in 2008 at University of Georgia and ended it with a Jones Cup Invitational title in 2010. He turned professional in 2011 then played his first PGA Tour at the FedEx St. Jude Classic.

He played for many years mostly just making the cut and had his first victory in 2013 at the Wyndham Championship PGA Tour. He gained more fame after setting two records at the Humana Challenge PGA Tour for most strokes under par after 54 holes and for being the first player in PGA to open a tournament with three rounds of 63.

He just had his biggest highlight this year after winning the WGC-Cadillac Championship. Being 23, he became the youngest winner of the WGC Championship and ranked 20th in the Official World Golf Ranking.

He joined Callaway Golf in 2013 and has moved up in his career since then.

Sang-Moon Bae

Sang-Moon BaeSang-Moon Bae, the fourth placer in the Kings of Distance team, is a Korean icon as a professional golf player. He started a professional career in 2004 and won many tournaments on Asian Tours and Japan Golf Tours. In 2011, he became the greatest earning player for winning three tournaments at the Vana H Cup KBC Augusta, Coca-cola Tokai Classic and Japan Open on the Japan Golf Tour. He soon played for the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament, placed 12th and started competing on PGA Tour in 2012.

He had his first PGA Tour victory in 2013 at the HP Byron Nelson Championship with a Callaway HEX Chrome Ball. He was the third South Korean PGA Tour winner. He will be endorsing Callaway Golf with an Odyssey Putter on his next tournaments.

How to Design Silicone Wristbands to Attract People’s Attention

Silicone wristbands are tools that can be personally customized. There are even some makers of customized silicone bands that allow their customers to customize the said bands directly via their online designing tool. The wristbands can be optimized in almost any way the designer wants. As long as the right elements are put in their right places, an effective marketing tool can be produced.

Silicone wristbands

Product Type –

The designer will have to start with the width when creating the design for the custom band. Decide what the exact width of the band. The measurement for the standard width of the custom silicone band is usually at half an inch. There are custom band makers that can make bands as thin as a quarter of an inch to as thick as ¾ inches.

Band Color –

The color of the wristband must also be taken into consideration when it comes to designing. There are single color bands, multi-color bands, and full color bands available in the market nowadays. A good custom wristband maker can offer a wide variety of colors based on the chosen color system. The color chosen for the design must reflect the theme of the event the band is being designed for.

Message Style –

It is also important to decide on what message to write on the band so that the style can be decided upon as well. One can choose to have a bold or subtle style. Do keep in mind that the message style will define the custom silicone wristbands. Here are the different message styles that one can take advantage of:

•    Debussed style, with the message sunken into the band but still retain the same coloring as that of the entire custom wristband.

•    Ink-filled debussed style, with the message sunken into the band but have another color injected to the message.

•    Embossed style, with the message raised and of the same color as the custom wristband. This style is identical to Braille.

•    Colorized embossed style, with the message raised but the raised message has a screen-printed color layer.

•    Screen printed style, with the message printed onto the custom wristband using thermal transfer or silk screen.

Message –

There is no restriction when it comes to the message to be printed onto the bracelet. It depends on the width of the band though. The message can either be embossed, debussed, or screen printed. The designer has to make the message as brief and direct to the point as possible though. The message should also have an impact and should really mean something to the target audience.

Message Color –

There are designs that will require the message to be of the same color as that of the band, while some designs require the message to stand out from the rest of the band and thus, should be of a different color. The online tools nowadays offer a color palette that the designer can customize.

Font –

The font should be decided beforehand too. The font that can be used for the silicone wristbands range to over 300 fonts available online. It is up to the designer to decide which font reflects the message being printed. The designer just needs to make sure that the font choice has a bold impact on the message.

Clip Art –

It can be useful to add a clip art into the wristband. In most wristband design tools that are found online, the use of clip art is highly encouraged. There are thousands available for the designer to choose from. It is even possible for the designer to just upload custom logo or artwork.

Size –

The wristband does not come in a single size. There is a variety of sizes available for the custom wristband. The decision on what size to use will basically depend on who will be wearing the wristband. The sizes to choose from can range from small to medium to large.

However, don’t forget that the size defines the printable area. The bigger a wristband is, the more details and designs it can accommodate.

Glow and Glitter –

To some designers, coloring is not sufficient. If that is the case, then consider the use of glows and glitters. Glow in the dark silicone wristbands are becoming more and more in demand nowadays. Wristbands that change under the UV light are also becoming popular these days. Sparkle rings are worth designing too. For this design, adding sparkles with the right placement can add more impact to the custom wristband.

These are the important elements that the designer has to take advantage of to be able to produce a well-designed wristband. Investing in the design of a custom wristband is definitely a good strategy to add to one’s marketing campaign. There are too many benefits that one should never overlook when it comes to the custom wristband. Not using it to market the business is certainly a bad choice.

The Significance Of Custom Coins

Challenge coins are a significant item within the military. In years of the bloody world wars, it is a token of identity and honor. It brings about a sense of belonging in a time full of chaos and grief. These custom coins nurture esprit de corps. The bonds of brotherhood among soldiers is evident in their little coins.

Following Are The Most Common Significance Of Custom Coins:

A hundred years has passed since the First World War and the tradition of challenge coins still stands. In fact, it has evolved and expanded beyond its use within the military. Just as done among soldiers, coins are being given to remarkable individuals who had done exemplary works. They are being recognized by the society and honored for their deeds.

The most prominent use of custom coins for organizations is to create an identity. Just as its original use within the military, the coins are distributed to people belonging in an exclusive group such as squad, brigades, and the like. It gives prestige and recognition to its recipients.

At the same time, the coin grants a responsibility to those awarded with it. They have to uphold the privilege and honor of having that small token. Only significant people are awarded with them after all. Since they are identified as significant, they have to live with it.
Custom CoinsUnity is also fostered with the use of custom challenge coins. An exhilarating feeling is achieved when one feels he belongs to something special. Possessing a coin engraved with an insignia of one’s affiliation cultivates that emotion. It boosts the morale of the person to be acknowledged as part of a group. This yields better efficiency and enthusiasm in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Custom coins are also given in commemoration of significant events or milestones in life. They are keepsakes of remembrance. There are couples who are gifted with coins to celebrate their weddings and anniversaries. Graduating students are awarded with custom challenge coins for finishing their education. They are also remembrance of the students about their alma mater for years to come.

Being granted a custom challenge coin from an organization meant having their allegiance and respect. They are tokens of appreciation. There would always be a fellowship shared between the giver and receiver of coins.

The sentimental value of custom challenge coins is very high. Great care is required when keeping a coin. Even in the military, it is traditional to always keep them in their person.

Civilians are not required to keep their awarded coins within reach at all times. However, it is their responsibility to keep it in good condition. Custom coins should not be treated carelessly because of their noble meaning. They lose their significance should they be damaged.

It is a great disrespect to deface a coin. Drilling holes or attaching hooks to loop in rings or strings into it for safekeeping is prohibited. Coins receiving such treatments are no longer considered challenge coins anymore. It is tradition to keep as challenge coin simply as it is. It must not be tinkered with even for the sake of protection. Hence, pouches and small bags are often recommended instead for keeping the coins in good condition.

Custom coins are items one can be proud of in possessing. Many have been collecting coins either for their aesthetics or importance. They are often gained through trades. Sometimes, collectors commission custom coin makers to produce a unique piece or a replica.

There is always a meaning within a challenge coin. There is a story behind it. They are not produced for mere fancy after all. They are significant to the people to makes them, grants them, and receives them.

The Art Of Biker Patches

Biker patches are arguably the most important part of a motorcycle rider’s outfit. Signifying the club to which the biker belongs, and the area of their territory, biker patches are the riders’ badges of honor. It’s not at all surprising, since a biker would have had to undergo probation, votes of membership, and a difficult tradition in order to wear those patches.

The bikers wear their colors, or what biker patches are more commonly called, after they’ve sworn allegiance to a motorcycle club or a biker gang. Of course, these colors are unique and exclusively worn by club members. The importance of these patches cannot be stated enough, and one cannot call himself a true biker without this identification sewed onto his vest.

How exactly is a biker patch made?

It is more intricate than it seems, the process needing several carefully thought-out steps before an output can be produced.

PatchesFirst and foremost, there’s the design. Of course, if a biker is joining an already established club, then it’s not an issue any more since the patch would have already been designed. Generally, patches contain the club’s name, the club’s logo, and of course, the club’s location. Logos usually denote something symbolic to the club, like an animal or an object, and most of the time it displays the tough, hard and strong reputation the clubs maintain.

The colors (literally) are also decided at this stage, with patches ranging from black and white to multi-colored. Another thing to be considered during the designing stage is the patch size. A larger patch is more noticeable, almost more powerful to the outsider’s eye, but it is also more expensive to make.

Once the design is set, it’s now time to decide on which material to use. This depends on the material availability and the rider’s budget, but usually biker patches are made from denim or other heavy fabrics. This is so the patch would last longer and hold up better to the outdoors. Rain and heat and dirt are very common parts of a biker’s life, and his patches should be able to withstand those elements.Biker patches are embroidered, and thus would require thread.

This is the next part of the process:

Deciding what thread to use. Different shops nowadays offer different threads, customizable to the biker’s, or the club’s, taste. These choices include metallic and neon threads. Metallic threads are shinier, while neon threads show extra bright colors. Once again, special threads add to a patch’s overall cost, but it’s almost always worth it.

The embroidery percentage is also important, since it involves the amount of thread needed and the amount of work required. Percentages generally go anywhere from 50%, where only half of the patch’s total area is embroidered, to 100%, in which the patch is completely embroidered. The higher the percentage, the higher the price. A biker patch could be embroidered by hand or by machine. Most patches today are embroidered using a machine, since embroidering by hand is a harder process and takes a much longer time.

After embroidery, the last step in making the patches is deciding how to attach the patch to the biker’s vest, usually determined by the patch’s backing. Custom shops offer many options for this step, including iron-on, plastic, tape, Velcro, button-loop, and hot-cut backings. Iron-on has an adhesive on the back that melts when heated, while plastic serves to increase the stiffness.

Tape and Velcro both allow for the patch to be applied and removed at the biker’s discretion, although tape has a limited life span. Button loops are for hanging, while hot-cut backings are made by using a laser to seal the borders of the patch, preventing snagging on the edges.

After all those steps, the patch is now done! All that’s left is for the biker to don his colors and take them out for a spin.

How to be a Good and Professional Keynote Speaker

Someone who does public speaking as a profession is a professional speaker. In an event, the first speech is usually done to set the mood for the whole duration of the program. This is called the keynote speech. When the keynote speaker is able to capture the attention of the audience, the whole program is in for a success. That is why when you are a professional keynote speaker; you have a big responsibility in front of you. There are a lot of tips that can help one become a good keynote speaker.

The very first element to become a very good speaker is to be able to give good speeches. In order to do this, you need to listen to some of your role models. There are a lot of great speakers that you can listen to and observe how they send their message across the audience. Take down notes as you observe a speaker do his thing and you can later on add your own improvements.

speakersTo be a professional keynote speaker, lots and lots of practice are needed. The best thing to be a good speaker is none other than give a lot of speeches. Practice makes perfect and it is also the best teacher. Whenever you go to a speaking engagement, you must have a passion for speaking because speech that comes from the heart will touch all the people around you. Remember, you want to reach out and touch your audience. Before giving a speech, it is equally important to research on the subject matter, and the kind of audience to whom you will be talking to so that you can have an effective and convincing speech.

Another thing that is to be taken into consideration is the way you dress. Clothes make a man and how you carry yourself speaks a lot about you. Dress professionally and dress for the occasion. Another thing is your body language – this should talk to the audience as well. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes and think how they will react. This is a good way of measuring and assessing your performance.

There are a lot of professional speakers who aim to teach and help other aspiring speakers on how to succeed on their chosen fields. These speakers offer seminars and workshops on public speaking. It is highly advised to take these courses and learn from them. In the future, who knows, you as a speaker will also be able to give out seminars because it is also an avenue of being invited to give keynote addresses.Public speaking can lead to keynote speeches in time. That is why a lot of practice speeches are necessary to pave the way for giving a compelling keynote speech.

Regardless of the venue, a keynote address is very important. It has to motivate and move the audience towards the purpose of the event so that they will be focused on it. With this, a keynote address much be attention-catching. A good way to start a keynote speech is by quoting a famous personality. This is oftentimes a very effective introduction as opposed to using a general statement.

There is no room for boredom because the keynote address can make or break the whole event. If the keynote speaker notices that the audience does not respond to the speech initially, he should find a way to make things interesting. As a speaker, you will encounter different types of audience and sometimes, you get to encounter challenging ones.

When ending a keynote speech, remind the audience why they are there and talk about the coming program. By doing so, you are setting the mood and preparing the audience for the events of the day.

To Buy or Not To Buy SARMs

Ever wonder how Hulk Hogan came to look like a hulk when he was still in his prime wrestling years? Sure, he could have gotten those bulging muscles from lifting weights or from doing intensive exercise programs but, was that all it took? Or did he have help in another form by way of taking food supplements, steroids, prohormones or even SARMs?

SARMsIn the world of supplements today, there are numerous products that claim to help the body work its way to achieving rapid muscle growth, increase in muscle mass, gains in muscle strength and prolonging ones stamina. Some supplements even have the benefit of improving bone health of osteoporosis patients. These promises could have driven any wrestler, bodybuilder, athletes and body fitness enthusiast to pursue the use of supplements to hasten their much wanted results without second thoughts. One would immediately think of how enormous and impressive their bodies will be if they use these products.

In a website dedicated to bodybuilding, it is recommended to take supplements while doing regular workouts.

Some of these supplements are:

Protein Powder, for building muscles with the help of amino acids;

Creatine, so the energy stored in the muscles would stay longer;

Glutamine, to assist in the healing of broken muscles as well as to improve the immune system;

Weight Gain Powder, for, obviously, weight gain because of the extra fat calories and carbohydrates in the ingredients;

Growth Hormone Boosters, so the muscles could continue its growth even as the body ages.

Anabolic Supplements, to boost testosterone secretion that could have positive effects to the muscles.

Prohormones, steroids and SARMs are some examples of anabolic supplements available in the market today. But while all are potent products, the SARMs selection is said to be favored by more users since it is said to be less toxic to the body therefore there are fewer side effects.

Aside from the health risk brought by prohormones and steroids, which is a factor people consider when they buy SARMs instead of the other two, SARMs have medical benefits as well. SARMs are said to increase bone density which is great news for patients with bone issues. Another notable benefit for using SARMs is that they do not convert to estrogen thus there is no risk of gynecomastia or the enlargement of breast in men.

Selective Androgen Receptor Moderators (SARMs) are also great for producing lean muscles, cutting fat and gaining strength. For fitness enthusiasts that are looking for a leaner physique, SARMs is the better choice over other hormonal supplements.

However as of today, supplement companies are still in the research and development stage of SARMs. Until these are proven safe for humans, beware of the SARMs supplements being sold everywhere. Some websites do sell SARMs but they are for research use only because it’s in their pure chemical form. So if not careful, one could buy SARMs that are useless and toxic to humans.

But to give an idea on what are available in the market, there is the MK-2866 Andarine and the less popular MK-677. Users can usually buy SARMs through online offerings but there is no certainty of their legitimacy so research, research, research!

Finally before one dives into the world of supplement use, it must be impressed that when there are benefits, however ambitious they are, there are also risks.

If one should pursue to buy SARMs and/or other forms of hormone supplements, don’t rush. Take time to learn about the product you want to use so there won’t be any regrets after. Health is more important than showing off those muscles.